Jamie Michalak is the author of many children’s books. Her titles include the starred reviewed NIKI NAKAYAMA, co-written with Debbi Michiko Florence and illustrated by Yuko Kato-Jones (MacKids, 2021); DAKOTA CRUMB: TINY TREASURE HUNTER, illustrated by Kelly Murphy (Candlewick Press, 2021); JOE AND SPARKY early readers series, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz (Candlewick Press); FRANK AND BEAN early reader series, illustrated by Bob Kolar (Candlewick Press, 2019); and COME ON IN: THERE’S A PARTY IN THIS BOOK, illustrated by Sabine Timm (Hippo Park, 2022). Jamie is also the author of many movie and TV show adaptations.

When not writing, she can often be found singing off-key, drinking too much coffee, or hanging out with her two sons. Jamie was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and now resides with her family in Barrington, Rhode Island.

Jamie Michalak
Photo by Brad Smith 2021


  1. My favorite food is toast. I can eat toast until the cows come home.
  2. I do not own cows. But I do have two boys who drink a lot of milk. (Maybe I should own a cow.)
  3. My assistant is a good dog named Lucy Caboose. She enjoys graphic novels.
  4. I’ve had many odd jobs, including dressing up as a large mouse at a mouse-themed restaurant.
  5. The mouse costume was too big . . . and stinky. This was not my favorite job.
  6. I also worked at a toy company and named toys, including a NERF blaster. 
  7. As a child, I often got into trouble for daydreaming. I still do.
  8. When I was young, I wanted to be Harriet the Spy. This did not go over well with my neighbors.
  9. Like Harriet, I carry a secret notebook. 
  10. I love visiting schools and meeting super readers!